New paper published in New Journal of Physics!

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We are happy that our paper entitled “Quantum sensing of electric field distributions of liquid electrolytes with NV-centers in nanodiamonds” was published today by the New Journal of Physics!

To use batteries as large-scale energy storage systems it is necessary to measure and understand their degradation in-situ and in-operando. As a battery’s degradation is often the result of molecular processes inside the electrolyte, a sensing platform which allows to measure the ions with a high spatial resolution is needed. In our publication by M. Hollendonner et al., we show that the electric field distribution generated by the ions inside the liquid electrolyte can be deduced by nanodiamonds equipped with NV-centers. This is the first step to determine the battery’s degradation while the battery is being operated.

This work was performed in colaboration with Durga Dasari (3rd institute of Physics, Stuttgart), Amit Finkler (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel) and Silvia Viola Kusminskiy (RWTH Aachen).