Quantum Futur Award for Prof. Roland Nagy

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Prof. Dr. Roland Nagy has received funding of 2.700.000€ for the project SiC Quantum Memory Nodes for a Distributed Quantum Computing Network through the BMBF program „Quantentechnologien – von den Grundlagen zum Markt“ (Quantum Technologies – from foundations to the market).

Here’s a short summary of the project:

Quantum computers offer outstanding opportunities for various disciplines such as medicine, pharmacy, materials and finance. The current approach for realising a quantum computer is based on stationary quantum computers. The main problem of all current approaches is the scaling of qubits. The project proposed here offers the possibility to realise the scaling of qubits through a Distributed Quantum Computing Network approach. Such a network enables the scaling of qubits by “connecting” (entangling) existing stationary optically active quantum computers. That is, the maximum number of available qubits can be scaled in this network by connecting existing quantum computers, which would significantly accelerate the realisation of a functional quantum computer.

Additional information is provided online through the official announcement of the BMBF and a detailed project description.